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 of a Fiber Laser System


The following is a Video of the installation process used for many of our fiber laser systems.


Software used to Operate the Fiber Laser Systems with many features ie. serialization, bar codes, QR codes, fill seliction, font selection, speed selection, power selection and many other controlled parameters to produce the desired mark or engrave appearance.

Software for Laser Marking Machines 


Users Manual


 Typical Laser Marking Parameters



 Click this for access to a compressed demo file of the EzCad Software


Software Installation Procedure for the Fiber Laser Marker


1. Connect the laser marker to your computer with the cable supplied. (Do not turn on the laser marker)

2. Plug in the software jump drive and copy the files to the desktop.

3. Extract the Ezcad software to the desktop.

4. Next, switch on the laser marker (The cable should already be connected to the computer)

5. Install the software; choose from a list or special location. Choose the drive according to your computer system.

We were using XP, so I will choose XP. If you use win 7 64 bit choose that one.


Then just click next to finish the software  installation.


6. We can now run the software


Click Accept!


Now we can use the software.



The next time we can open it from the Desktop.


Parameters have all been set before delivery.







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